Baby’s sleep does matter

Even before they’re born, babies sleep. They may not know it themselves but this habit contributes to their overall growth and development. Before the age of one, getting babies used to sleeping patterns has always been a very hectic and sensitive task for their care givers. However, once they get used to whatever sleeping patterns that have been designed for them, you can be rest assured that they will live a healthy life going forward. This is one of the reasons why we came up with Infani baby monitor to encourage care givers and make their job easier. Infani Baby monitor has amazing feature such as allowing you to record sleeping time, sensing baby’s sleep breathing, baby awake notification and establishing healthy sleeping routines.

A baby monitor, feels baby’s breathing

Infani Baby Monitor has a smart breathing sensing technology that can be used to track your baby breathing without having to plug any devices on the baby. You can know when baby is breathing, awake or asleep. With Infani Baby Monitor, baby’s breathing patterns can be recorded and analyzed so that you can easily understand your baby’s sleeping patterns easily!

Listening and being next to the baby all the time

Standing above your baby’s crib, Infani is in the perfect position to watch safely over your children with an unblinking eye recording and broadcasting every movement. Installation becomes minimal fuss and is suitable for any sleeping arrangement even in tight spaces.

Every breath we do care

Sleep is the most crucial stage in predicting your baby’s future. Our product does not require your child to wear any bulky electronic products or sleep on an electric mattress. You can also easily detect your baby’s sleep patterns and breathing state, giving parents the added bonus of full-time peace of mind.

Got an anxiety now?

With Infani Smart Baby Monitor, you can watch your baby in real-time through your phone. Infani can support up to four devices at the same time for your viewing, so the whole family will be able to provide close attention to your little one. All the while, our innovative non-contact detection technology keeps your baby safe.

APP features


Live Viewing

Through the Internet, You Can Watch Your Baby’s Status Anytime

Cloud Recording

You can remotely play back the past 7 days of the recorded video, it uses high-level data encryption protocol for the data access.

Sleep report

Provide sleep records, and statistical analysis, to help you learn about your baby’s sleep.

Video download

Download video clips from 7 days of video data, allowing you to savor each precious memory.

Breathing Sensing

The latest technology to provide sleep breathing information, no need for the infant to wear any device, or use the electric mattress.


When an abnormal condition is detected, an emergency notification will be sent to your mobile device, and alert you to immediately take care of your baby.

You could take care of baby with ease

Infani allows parents to remotely view their baby, live, any time of the day or night using our specially designed app. Infani intelligently senses your baby’s sleep breathing pattern with a contact free sensor, alerts you to any changes, and lets you know the moment your loved one wakes up from a safe and sound night’s sleep.

Sleep report

Sleep is an important indicator of your baby’s overall physical condition. Your baby’s past sleep records can help you better understand your baby’s quality of sleep. Training the baby to sleep regularly can be accomplished with this helpful statistical analysis.

You and baby are connected anywhere anytime.

When you go to work or travel, you can always be right there by your baby. If you wish to see and also hear the little one, you can use the amazing Infani app. Using our app, you can listen and watch your baby freely at any time you want!

Ambient temperature and humidity

Infants sweat very easily, and their body temperature fluctuates based on surrounding air temperatures much more than adults. In order to conserve the baby’s energy and reduce energy loss, it is vitally important to control indoor temperature and humidity.


Infant breathing patterns is often a matter of concern for new parents. Although our product is not claiming to be medical equipment, it can definitely provide a point of reference. Infani will detect the breathing state during sleep, and through the cloud intelligent algorithm, provide valuable information on any abnormal sleeping patterns such as waking up in the night. Once the abnormal state is detected, you will be notified immediately by phone.


Optical Spec.

Integrated SONY ultra low-light sensitivity CMOS sensor
Image resolution1280 x 960
Diagonal 102° / Horizontal view angle 77° / Vertical view angle 56°
High resolving power lens without night view shift
Embedded IR cut filter, provide the true color of day mode
Integrated low power IR 940nm LED for better night viewing.

Hardware Spec.

Integrated Vatics video processor
H.264 video encryption technology
Integrated dual digital microphones
Embedded ultra low power radar doppler sensor
Integrated high-quality Ø25 speaker
Integrated the temperature humidity sensor, provide the information of indoor reference
Built in WiFi, IEEE 802.11 b, g, n, with 2T2R antenna
Power supply: input 100~240VAC. 50/60Hz, output: 5VDC, 2.0A


Camera unit: 108 g
Floor stand: 2.35 Kg


IEEE 802.11n WiFi connection, uploading bandwidth should be at least 2Mbps.
Android or iOS mobile device with infani APP

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Infani, Inc.


We believe that in the near future, cutting edge technology will make it so that the Family’s convenience of living will be expanded. We are a founding member of Infani, and want to use our enthusiasm, expertise, and incredible experience to speed up the arrival of this technology. Taking care of the baby at home is the cornerstone in the development of this new technology, and that led us to develop a more humane baby care platform in Infani. This product will help Mom and Dad take care of their newest and most important additions to their family; their newborn baby. All of the baby’s activities as well as environment conditions will be completely recorded even if Mom and Dad are not at home. You can be aware of your baby’s current situation at all times through your phone. This new technology will put new parents at ease and will allow them to enjoy their life, knowing that their baby is safe.

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User's feedback
“The best helper for parents taking care of baby
we can have a peace of mind when doing housework
it can let us know the sleep status and quality of baby, besides the breathing information
use the information with the feeding schedule, the little one sleeps through the night well
As the working dad and mom, infani puts us at ease.”

~Mr. Lin from New Taipei City

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